Posted by: victanguera | August 5, 2010

Writing Prompt #228

Family relationships are a great source of conflict (both in the real world and for writing inspiration). Dysfunctional behaviour or interactions, sibling rivalry, parental favoritism. Commercial fiction often focuses on these dynamics. One area I’ve not read (may exist, but I’ve just not read a book with it mentioned), is how a broken relationship between adult offspring affects the parent(s).

So for today’s prompt, write a scene that explores different ways children fighting could affect the parents. Do they take sides, consistently taking one point of view over another? Try to mediate between their children? Ignore everyone and hope they go away/resolve their problems on their own. Nod, and sympathize no matter who cries on their shoulder? Oooh, the potential for conflict. Now what happens if one of these sibling conflicts in an underlying subplot in your story?


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