Posted by: victanguera | August 3, 2010

Writing Prompt #226

I’m starting something new. Once again, the issue of pantsing vs. plotting comes up, at least in my own mind. I’ve tried to plot. But much like outlining back when I was in school, never manage to get very far despite stellar intentions. The thing is, I’m a very linear writer. Even without a known plot going in to a story, I have an idea that starts things and an end result in mind. I write each scene in order, one building on the next. I just don’t have a written structure to follow.

So for today’s prompt, write a scene without figuring anything out in advance and one scene knowing how you want everything to play out before you start. What differences did you notice? Do the characters take more control when you don’t have a rigid structure in mind? Without a plot, did you wind up in a corner you couldn’t get out of? How did you resolve that without the structure of a plot to guide you? Did anything serendipitous happen?

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