Posted by: victanguera | July 29, 2010

Proppian Fairy Tale Generator (Writing Prompt #225)

The other day, I ran across this cool site. It gives you a list of functions to choose such as trickery, difficult task, mediation etc. After selecting however many you’d like, you click generate, and it gives you a fairy tale. I chose trickery, unfounded claims, struggle and transfiguration and got this:

One man stumbled towards me as if under a drunken afternoon spell.  His mouth hung open, saliva pouring down.  When he came beside me he spat into both my eyes and I screamed, falling to the grass beneath my feet.  I saw black and smelled drool and could not open my eyes.

Then, as I was about to reach the top of the mountain, a giant form appeared before me in the shape of soil.  As I came closer to it I realized that it was not a giant form but composed of hundreds of small people from the earth.  The mountain had come alive, and it did not want me to pass its presence.

“I killed the creature that has been plaguing us all,” he cried.  I looked at him in shock, and immediately protested in front of the king.

My mother’s embrace rendered the burns and boils on my skin pristine.

I did this the other day, and also received the bit about the soil. This is an interesting starting point for a story. What is the unfounded claim? That her mother’s touch can heal the main character? That the soil is made up of little people? The fellow that spit claiming he killed the creature that plagued them all? And who might that be? So many great questions. The potential for story is enormous.

So for today’s prompt, use the proppian fairy tale generator. What questions does the result generate in your mind? Is there anything you could use for the basis of a story? Me, I’m going for the soil made up of small humans. Or maybe the spit.


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