Posted by: victanguera | July 6, 2010

Writing Prompt #211

I while ago, I posted about music and writing. For today’s prompt, use the same characters in the same scenario. Write two scenes. For the first, use this video (Teeth by Lady Gaga). For the second scene, use this video (Vertigo by Booka Shade). Did the music affect the scene? Was it harder to write with one song than the other? Did your character’s interactions change when you wrote to the softer more hypnotic music of Booka Shade?



  1. Huh. Oddly, I find the music I use has no effect at all on what I’m writing. A word or two from a song sometimes slips in, but that’s about all. the closest I get to novel playlists is really a few songs that fit the feel, and just anything else I’m liking at that time.

    Hence why the playlist for my third nano (which was about peter pan and marriage) had the theme song from the last unicorn as well as songs about world war one in it.

    • Ah, that’s my point. If you find a few songs that fit the feel of what you want to write, does selecting the songs first change the feel?

      • Not for me, but I’m not that much of a music person anyway.

      • Ah, see I love music. Okay, I’ve got to do my own prompt and see what happens.

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