Posted by: victanguera | July 5, 2010

Writing Prompt #210

Lack of trust has an enormous cost. Ultimately, it destroys relationships. A person who doesn’t trust others often becomes paranoid, thinking others are out to get them. They automatically assume the worst when they meet someone. From experience, it is almost impossible to overcome that poor impression. Also from experience, if you spend too much time in close contact with that person, their world view can affect your own view of others. And not often in a positive way.

For today’s prompt, think about a paranoid person. Can you write a main character who is paranoid? How can you make them sympathetic to readers? As relationships crumble as a result of your character’s behaviour, how to you keep a reader turning the page? Does your character struggle to overcome their trust issues? What kind of backstory would a character like that have? Now write a scene from the perspective of a paranoid person.


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