Posted by: victanguera | June 29, 2010

Nine Questions to Ask Your Character

I read a great post on Writer’s Digest this morning on questions to ask your character. Things like what they see if they walk in to a party, how they decide to trust someone and their response to problems around them. Great food for thought. They’d also make a great prompt if you’d rather use that instead.


  1. Awesome! I saved it to my favorites, and I’ll definitely go through it. Thanks for the link.

    • Isn’t is super! Here is a link for another article on their site exploring the same types of questions (focusing on POV):

  2. Heh,nice. Speaking of such questions, I came up to one for players in an RPG I ran …. “What would people find in the way of porn on your computer?” Definitely through a curve-ball with it, and tend to apply it to characters I write.

    The downside is that I’ve been actual thought to what kind of person would watch clown porn.

    • Oh, jeez. Going to scrub my eyeballs now. Or maybe it’s my own mind.

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