Posted by: victanguera | June 24, 2010

Writing Prompt #206

For today’s prompt, read Nicola Morgan’s post (here) on suspending disbelief. Her points are very succinct. Put them in your writer’s toolbox and refer to them whenever you think something might not be working. Disbelief might be why.

Now write something and see if you can suspend disbelief. Can you convince the reader that your world exists? That your character behaves in a consistent way? What holds your story back from believability? Look at your writing through the eyes of a reader. Be critical. Circle things that seem off to you and be willing to fix them. Feel free to post your stories so others can assess their believability.


  1. Huh. Quite interesting. Amusingly, I’m plotting out a sort of cyberpunk story atm and wrote nothing down until, with the aid of one forum I’m on, I figured out some of the how and why for a character’s power source (having decided photosynthesis and generic batteries didn’t work) since *I* couldn’t suspend my own disbelief over the first power source that came to mind 🙂

    • Yeah, pretty rough when we as the writer can’t suspend disbelief. Then it’s virtually impossible to expect the reader to believe what we wrote. Of course it sucks when we believe what we wrote, but the reader still doesn’t.

      • Hah, yes. Well, the intial idea was: “Something like plankton for people, that could be an energy source that never runs out. Ooh, Neutrinos!” since, well, we do get bombarded by a LOT of them but …. well…. it’s probably not at all possible to harness them as actual energy to power things even if one is not writing hard sf.

      • You could make it believable, though. If you think of it of as a power source, you only need to build a way to store that power source (think batteries, or large electric holding facilities). Totally believable.

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