Posted by: victanguera | June 8, 2010

Writing Prompt #198

I’m starting the research part of a WIP. It’s something different from what I usually write, so I went searching the internet for images that might give me a mental picture of the setting.

So for today’s prompt, what does your world look like? Would it help to gather images of what you perceive it should look like? Is it something futuristic? Set in the past? The present?


  1. Gathering images seldom helps me, mostly because they never match the world in my head, or the characters. It would probably be different if I, say, set something in a real city in this world, but so far no city or town has really grabbed my attention in that way.

    • Ah, dystopian future images or fables–still I’m sure you could find something that fit. I’ve heard other people use movie stars to set an image in their head of a character, but that wouldn’t work for me. I’m thinking in general terms rather than concrete terms. An image of an overcast London, or grainy photos. I found an old ad for Victorian dresses, and stuck that at the beginning of my document so I would remember what they looked like, even though I have a fairly decent idea already. It’s more for reference than anything.

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