Posted by: victanguera | June 3, 2010

Writing Prompt #197

In the movies, what a character stands to lose is often something ginormous. In Avatar, a whole world/culture was at stake. In Prince of Persia, the entire existence of mankind is at stake. When I worked on my draft for my first WIP, I thought the stakes weren’t high enough, so I pushed them to something broader. Unfortunately, I think I lost my focus as a result.

So for today’s prompt, think about what your main character stands to lose/gain in your story. Is it something realistic? Something that would only make a difference to your character? Does it make logical sense for the character to be so important that an entire world/culture/mankind to die if the character doesn’t succeed in their quest? Part of this will depend on your genre, but even in Urban Fantasy, or science fiction, should we consider smaller implications before we go too far with the consequences of a character’s actions?


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