Posted by: victanguera | June 1, 2010

Writing Prompt #195

Last night I lie in bed thinking about writing. Yeah, okay only thinking, but hey, it’s a step closer to getting words on a paper. Not much closer, but any little bit will do. I wound up thinking about some of the ideas I have and my lack of excitement/enthusiasm for any of the ideas. I thought about the first real novel I wrote and what prompted me to write it (that germ of what it might really be about that I lost in all the revisions).

That got me thinking about the next phase of that saga, about writing what we know. I realized somewhere in there that the structure of the story isn’t as important as the emotion of the story. That’s what we know. We as people know emotions.

Here are some of the things I realized I know. On the darker side, I know about loss, obsessive love (not mine), betrayal, back-stabbing (with a side of character defamation), and ostracism.

On the happier side, I know familial love, great times bonding with my dad over fishing spots, amazing travel experiences, most any craft that uses my hands. I know how to whip up just about anything in a kitchen, I could clothe an army (oh wait, I did–my kids), and sell a fridge to someone living in the frozen north.

So for today’s prompt, what do you know? Think about skills you’ve learned, and about emotions that hurt or brought you joy. I believe that writing what you know will resonate with people if you write about emotions.


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