Posted by: victanguera | May 27, 2010

Writing Prompt #192

This fellow I know told me a story about mowing his lawn. As he raked up the grass clippings, he found a beat up old silver dollar. A few days later as he walked around his yard trimming hedges, he found another one. Of course that got me thinking.

So for today’s prompt, write a scene where your main character finds something unexpected in their yard.


  1. “I found a wallet, keys, a pile of change … and a hole in my pocket when I went inside.”

    • At least he (she?) found the wallet etc.

      I couldn’t help but think that when Tavi calls the kid to mow her lawn, that he finds a pile of bones that Centhia put in the yard. Yeah, that would be nasty. Tricky to explain that one. I think I’m going to have to do some revisions to add that scene. It could work well.

  2. The tide turned against him so he ended up outside. All the bitching and moaning won’t work, he thought. She’ll win. Every single time. Bending over the rusted lawn mower he felt the breath leave.
    “You’re getting fat as a dog, Donald.” he said, pulling the machine alive.
    Ruth had thrown the letter at him, earlier. The homeowner’s association, Mr. Haskins. Some crap about the grass being 1/4 inch too high per the agreement. Nosy neighbors.
    The blade beat the grass up, ripping and torturing it into an acceptable height. Like life, Donald thought. Like me.
    He made a pass by the picnic table. It’s decaying wood reminding Donald of the birthday parties they never threw for the babies they never knew. Just a wish. Another one. Some dust. What’s the difference?
    A flash of black and orange moved to his side. He glanced under the picnic table. He lifted the throttle to choke out the engine.
    It looked like, a tabby? No, a calico cat buried up to its neck. The head turned towards Donald with golden eyes dehydrated and scared.
    Donald lifted the picnic table. Grass had grown around the head. The calico hissed, twice. Donald jumped then shook his head in disbelief.

    • Cool. You’ve got some intriguing questions in there. Nice juxtaposition with Donald thinking about babies he’ll never have and he winds up finding a kitten buried in his lawn.

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