Posted by: victanguera | May 20, 2010

More Thoughts On Sparity

I received a comment on my post on Sparity. The commenter asked why fight it if sparity is my thing. Because it’s an older post, I thought my response might get buried.

The most common reaction I’ve received to my writing is that it doesn’t give the reader enough information to ground them. They need details that tell them when, where and why the action occurs. Instead, I repeat things that I’ve already said.

So why fight sparity? A lower word count may be a good thing. Telling a terse, quick story is also a good thing. But telling a story that leaves a reader baffled and confused–not so much. It comes down to the “show don’t tell” adage. I need to find a way to write so I can show the where, when, why and how and not just tell the reader.

Hum, there’s also a prompt in there. Write a scene where you keep your writing spare (minimum details), but still give enough information that a reader would know where the action takes place, who the main character is, and why the scene occurs. Feel free to post responses if you feel brave.

Oh, and apparently sparity is not a word. Go figure. It should be.


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