Posted by: victanguera | May 17, 2010

Writing Prompt #187

What we purchase for artwork is often a reflection on how we view the world and how we view ourselves. So for today’s prompt, have your main character purchase a painting. Rather than describe the painting, show us what it looks like by the reaction of others. Through the scene, we should come to understand why your main character picked that picture and how it reflects their belief in who they are.



  1. This is an interesting prompt since I just purchased a piece of artwork today! People get very emotional about artwork. I have had people come straight out to me to tell me they don’t like one of the pieces that I own. That certainly says a lot more about them than about me! This could be very challenging indeed!

    • Yes, we do get very emotional about art. It’s interesting going to an art show with someone else and watching their reaction to art or seeing what they prefer. I’ve had more than one experience of a friend defending their choices, or trying to convince me that I should also like what they like.

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