Posted by: victanguera | May 10, 2010

Writing Prompt #183

I’ve read up to the end of chapter four in American Gods now for One Book One Twitter. At this point, I’m not very excited by Shadow’s character. We meet him in prison, with his head down and mouth shut so he doesn’t get in trouble. That makes sense to me. But I think I sort of expected him to show little glimmers of fighting back once he got outside.

Instead, he’s allowing others to dictate where he goes. He seems so submissive and subservient. His nickname “Puppy” really suits him. Because he has got to be more than he appears, I’m am intrigued. Well, I hope he’s more than he appears, or I won’t be able to tolerate him for 500+ pages.

This will be the first time I’ll read a book because I dislike a character and hope he grows a pair.

So for today’s prompt, how do you create enough reader sympathy for a character appears very shallow at first glance? How do you hint that there might be more to a person without giving away things you don’t want the reader to know yet?


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