Posted by: victanguera | May 7, 2010

Writing Prompt #182

When I looked back over my original story, my main character had both a mother and grandmother. Neither of those remained in the final version. Now I wonder how things would change if they still existed. I’ve realized that there aren’t many sub-plot complications in my WIP.

I love sub-plots. They can sully the picture, making it difficult to sort through the important. That’s the kind of reader challenge that excites me.

So for today’s prompt, how do you deftly weave in a sub-plot? Do you get around the problem by not having any plot in the first place? What kind of complications make for a good sub-plot? My main character doesn’t want anyone to know she’s a vampire. What if she did have a mother–one that showed up in the middle of a fight when Tavi is biting someone? Oh god, how horrible would that be?


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