Posted by: victanguera | May 6, 2010

Writing Prompt #181

I’m addicted to House MD. Gregory House is a very damaged character. He abuses drugs, has fractured relationships, doesn’t like to talk to patients and comes across as a grump. But I love him. Deep in my heart, I root for him to find happiness, kiss Cuddy, not piss of Wilson yet again. Of course those things never occur.

Others feel much the same about him. Why? In the crime genre, broken characters often figure as the protagonist. We almost expect it, maybe even feel disappointment if you have an emotionally stable person.

So for today’s prompt, how do you create a character that is emotionally damaged but also garners reader sympathy? Maybe it isn’t such a difficult task. After all, isn’t it possible that we sympathize because we as humans can relate to another broken human, recognizing our brokenness in them? Do we hope they can change and become better people because it gives us hope that we too can change?



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