Posted by: victanguera | April 22, 2010

Writing Prompt #174

Today is Earth Day. Did you all remember to park your car and walk/bike/crawl to work/school etc?

Today also marks the release of Avatar on DVD. I’m not sure that will help those critics that thought the message in Avatar was one of inter-racial relationships. I shall hold my tongue and not rant at you, but James Cameron’s message was pretty clear–respect your planet. Don’t bulldoze it under for the ore/oil/unobtanium under the surface.

So for today’s prompt, spend some time thinking about the theme of your piece. Do you have one? What is it? Although we have to accept that people come to anything they read with a set bias, does it come across for the majority of readers? I’d say Avatar did a brilliant job. Even though it released on DVD today, I can still see it in the theatre. Cameron’s theme resonated with people. Can you create a theme that resonates like that?


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