Posted by: victanguera | April 8, 2010

Writing Prompt #164

I have a very attractive male friend. At one point in the long ago past, I had quite the crush on him. Of course he knew it–I acted like a teenaged idiot around him for the longest time, he’d have to be blind to not notice. Thing is, neither one of us has EVER talked about my crush on him or how he feels about me.

Now I’m able to talk to him as a friend with no expectations or stupid teenage heart palpitations or dumb behaviour. We banter and quip and exchange smart-assed remarks. During one such exchange, an acquaintance, trying to be part of our banter, elaborated on one of my smart-assed remarks. And made it personal. Like between him and I personal.

OMG awkward. We both froze, tried to laugh it off, pretend she hadn’t said anything. But she kept going on. And on. And on.

After that, I couldn’t even look at him, afraid he’d think I’d said something to her and I still had a foolish school-girl crush on him and that’s why she personalized my remark.

Yeah, please don’t mention the elephant in the room. It might do something. Like back up and s*it on my head.

So for today’s prompt, think about an unspoken situation between two characters in your story. What happens if someone else unwittingly makes reference to the elephant? How do your characters react? How does it change things afterward?

I’m still waiting for the fallout. I hope this umbrella is big enough. It’s all I could find.


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