Posted by: victanguera | April 6, 2010

Writing Prompt #162

We left early on Thursday, with plenty of time to spare. Unfortunately, I missed one small part in the directions to pick up my friend and drove around in a circle (only once, but by the time I found her, we were 20 minutes behind). We just barely made it in time to keep our ferry reservation. I mean just. Only one car behind us in the reservation line made it on.

Usually I allow at least an hour to find a new venue. When I travel with another person, I tend to forget that other people take time to get ready. Between that and all the other people trying to arrive at the venue at the same time we did, we didn’t get inside until close to 7:30. That’s probably why most rock bands have an opening act, so you don’t miss what you really came to hear.

After Silversun Pickups finished, they cleared the stage, and the lights came on. I expected to see someone set up drums, sound equipment. You know, all that stuff rock musicians might need to play. But the stage stayed bare. We waited. And waited. And waited. No drums. No electrical cords. No musicians.

“Holy cow, those things can’t all be speakers?” I pointed to the tall columns on the stage.

“I dunno,” Diane said. “Could be.”

Wow, this could be loud.

I looked at my friend. “What are they were doing backstage?”


Ah, okay. That could take a while.

The lights finally went down. Still no equipment on the stage. Not even one lonely little drum. Nothing. No musicians either. But the music started.

Okay, so not speakers then.

Because my friend had torn a ligament in her leg earlier in the week. That meant she could walk–but just barely. Her seat wouldn’t accommodate her inability to bend her knee, though. Through a set of bizarre circumstances, a girl was at the Ticketmaster booth trying to switch her seat in the handicapped area for a regular seat at the same time I arrived. She was more than happy to trade tickets with my friend. As a result, we wound up with dead center seats.

We couldn’t have been placed better for the spectacular light show Muse put on if we’d tried.

You’re probably wondering what that all has to do with a prompt. Yeah me too. Oh wait, I know. This was my first rock concert. Think of something your character does for the first time. What activity is it? Skydiving? Snorkeling? Argentine tango? First kiss? What happens?


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