Posted by: victanguera | March 31, 2010

Writing Prompt #161

Here is a question for today’s prompt:

Do you need to have powers to be a superhero?

So what happens if you lose your powers? Are you no longer a superhero? Maybe now you are only a hero. I can already imagine the overheard conversation.

Bobby walked out of the burning building and paused when he saw Clark sitting on the curb, shoulders slumped and his head in his hands. Soot stained his face, mottled patches of dark and light. He rubbed at it, spreading the filth.

“Hey, what’s wrong with you, man?” Bobby sat beside Clark, not sure whether he should rest a hand on the veteran firefighter’s shoulder.

“I couldn’t do it.” The words came out muffled, trapped behind Clark’s hands. “Not even an inch.”

“Hey, you saved that girl. Pretty impressive too. Like all that smoke and shit didn’t even touch you. Never seen anything like it.”

Clark raised his head, stared at the young man beside him. Shook his head once. “You’re just a kid. One day you’ll understand. One day you won’t be able to fly any more either.”

Clark uncurled himself. As he stood, he appeared to tower over Bobby. Reaching down, he squeezed the kid’s shoulder, turned and walked away.

Bobby shrugged. He never could fly.



  1. One word: Batman.

    Unless wealth is a super power.

    • Did Batman lose his superpowers? I don’t read comics or watch superhero movies much, so don’t know.

      Let’s hope money isn’t a superpower. Seems to be a common belief though. Oh well, that means quite a few people lost their superness when they lost their money.

  2. Money is the best superpower, though. Bribe the bad guys, pay them not to rob banks. Buy up an african country and give it to them.

    “You think you can rule the world? Try this on for size first.”

    • Ooh, so true. Again, until they lose their money–and therefore their power. Hard to act like you rule the world when you can’t afford to buy it first.

      • Oooh, and check out this site:

        Now all super heroes can shop in the secrecy of their own home/cave/phone booth.

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