Posted by: victanguera | March 24, 2010

Writing Prompt #157

Yesterday, someone came to my blog after googling “writing prompt’s for Peter’s chair”. Urm, okay.

So now I want to know who this Peter guy is. What’s up with his chair? Is it important somehow? So for today’s prompt, tell me who Peter is, and what’s up with his chair.



  1. 🙂 haha I love this one, I think I’m going to give it a try! The things we get inspired by…

    • I love watching what brings people to my blog. Those google searching are amusing. Hum, maybe the guy’s name is Peter Chair and it isn’t really about what he sits on…

  2. It is, of course, the chair that belonged to Peter The Great, credited with bringing Russia into the modern world. The person in question mistyped “writing prompt from Peter’s chair”, which is a hallowed relic in certain obscure literary circles. Given the chair was custom-made to accommodate his nearly 7′ tall frame, few can sit it in and be inspired by his muse, though it’s mostly crude and insulting at the best of times.

    The real seat people seek is that of his second wife Catherine who is a far better muse.

    • Ooh, almost snorted coffee all over my keyboard. Yeah, you read that right. Hum, I dare you to write something about Catherine’s chair.

      • Heh. I would but from what I read about her, she was just mostly caution and not like her husband, who was apparently prone to rage and fits, though that doesn’t gel with some impressions of him and things he did in his reign. It did lead to me reading about various mad rulers in some countries, which would be fascinating in a novel.
        You get Ivan IV, who is a psychotic. His son Fyodor is mentally slow, gets throne. Eventually the throne is ruled by Peter the great/ Ivan V, the latter being barely able to walk, half-blind etc. I know they inbred a fair bit, but man. You’d think they’d wise up and stop naming possible heirs Ivan or something, esp. since Ivan VI ended up a vegetable after being locked away in a tower for years.

        It would also be interesting as a writing prompt, really: there are a fair number of insane/mad/moody rules who keep their thrones. Someone. Enough to make me seriously consider a novel about one and the court ….

      • Sounds like an STD, but poor choice in baby names makes for a more intriguing premise. You’re sick because your mom named you John. Now there’s an idea for a story…

  3. Having said I like your prompts about a million times (exaggeration?) I’ve finally done something with one. I couldn’t help with this one. I’ve posted it over on my blog:

    • Hope everyone hops over there and reads her result. Very nice. I LOVE the end. I’m glad you like the prompts.

  4. […] I was reading though my regular blogs when I found a great prompt for writing from I Had the Write Idea.  The prompt quite simply was ‘Peter’s Chair’. Well, I love a good prompt, in […]

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