Posted by: victanguera | March 23, 2010

Writing Prompt #156

All right, I’ll admit it. I’m a hopeless romantic. Songs like Snow Patrol’s Set Fire to the Third Bar make me long for that kind of love. You know, the kind that makes you wish something would pick you up and lay you down in his warm arms. And I’ll admit I keep that from people. Okay, not much of a secret any more, is it?

That makes me wonder, if we long for certain things, but keep those longings from those we have the most contact with, does that change us?

So for today’s prompt, think about that longing your protagonist has that they haven’t told anyone about. Are they afraid of ridicule if they share their desires? Censure? How do they behave in order to keep that desire a secret? How does it change them? Write a scene where your protagonist winds up in a situation where they can no longer hide what they really want from a friend. What happens?


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