Posted by: victanguera | March 22, 2010

Writing Prompt #155

I received at “press” release this morning (sarcastic air quotes are intentional) claiming Obama is the anti-Christ. It seems that because he supports health-care reform in the US, he’s evil. That because he values human life, he is evil.

I cannot believe that some people would think one human’s life has more significance than another. That a rich person’s life is worth more than someone else’s life. Wow, rant. Steam blowing out my ears. I’m MAD.

So that gets me thinking, what causes your protagonist to rant. She/he is off having an adventure and saving the world, and a headline catches their eye. What set them off? What do they say to those they are with? How do those people respond? Go, write that rant.



  1. That’s a really good prompt. Not sure if I’ve got time to use it today, but I definitely will at some point in the future. I’m already thinking about what two of my characters rant about…

    • Thanks. Feel free to post something if you like.

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