Posted by: victanguera | March 8, 2010

Survived the Alpha Read

My writing group read and commented on my novel. Because I knew before I sent this draft to them that a number of things needed changing, I’m thinking of this version as the alpha read. Once I integrate their suggestions, I’ll look for second readers.

One of the main things that needs work is the world building (ha, knew that already). I also need to work on character development. Okay, that one came as a bit of a surprise. Of the three people who read it, one felt the characters were a bit cardboard. Ooh, that bites. She did like the complex moral issues addressed in the novel. Blink, blink. Yeah, that was totally intentional.

Now to let it sit for a bit, percolate through my brain so I can figure out how to better develop the characters (and whether I think that is even possible now). I have finally started the next project, so I want to work on that for a while. I’m thinking that the suggestions I received yesterday are good things to keep in mind when I plan this one.



  1. I think a lot of the character stuff can really be fixed by either less characters (at least as Important) and more background about ’em. My solution with one novel I’ve been trying to get right is to turn the entire thing into a back story for a sequel instead of, you know, redoing it a fourth time and seeing if that works better. Oddly, it might actually work in this case though I don’t want to make a habit of it. And need to figure out how to keep some of the actually decent parts. Somehow.

    • Ooh, yeah the problem of too many characters. At least I have fewer now than I did in the original draft. Although I might not pare down the number of characters, I can address how they relate to the main character, thus reducing signifigance and the need for as much development.

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