Posted by: victanguera | February 17, 2010

Writing Prompt #142

I might need to quit watching the Olympics (and House re-runs) if I want to get anything accomplished–but I’ll wait until after the skating finishes. Oh, and I’m only half way through season three of House.

Like a good book, House hooks a watcher. Not only does it have a quirky main character, it has dynamite subplots. Yes, plots. Not just one, but several. You have the ongoing issue of House’s reliance on Vicodin. Part way through season two, a new board of directors appeared. And he hated House. In season three, it was a cop out to put House away.

What is interesting is how everyone rallies to support House. You could believe he’s only an arrogant asshole that insults people, but those closest to him can see behind the mask despite his efforts to keep people away. I love those subplots. They help to flesh out and develop each of the characters.

So for today’s prompt, think about subplots. Think about how something that seems unrelated would affect what happens during the course of your story.


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