Posted by: victanguera | February 16, 2010

Writing Prompt #141

I’m not a big fan of Valentine’s Day. It started back in grade two when all the other kids got envelopes full of those pretty red cards with sappy sentiments and I received yet another lesson on popularity. It wasn’t until many years later that I realized those kids toughened me and helped me realize early that peers don’t necessarily equate to friends.

Valentine’s Day is a reminder of couplehood. As part of the Pen Olympics at edittorrent, we were asked to choose a happily committed couple and ask the following two questions:

  1. What was the most romantic thing your lover did for you that nobody else would have thought was romantic?
  2. Your lover is charmed by a trait of yours which everyone else finds annoying. What is that trait, and why does it charm your lover?

Things are a little trickier for me. I do have two people, they once had a committed relationship, but things fell apart when Niall tricked Riona into a scheme (that hasn’t quite formed in my head), and she looses her gold as a result–and her immortality. Now she rather hates him. I’m going to work on this, though, as I think it could give me an amazing scene to use in the book.

So for today’s prompt, think about the relationships of your characters. Are they in a relationship? If so, what do they consider a romantic gesture? Do they have quirks that only their partner could love? What might that be? Are they alone and wish they are in a relationship? Do they have personal issues that might hold them back? If so, what?


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