Posted by: victanguera | February 8, 2010

Writing Prompt #136

I finished my WIP yesterday. Now I’m ready for beta readers. Oh, and a new project. Possibly some reading. I’m also going to saturate myself in Dead Like Me and House re-runs. I’m going to do something with today’s prompt too. For once my head isn’t full of Tavi and her problems. I can let those go at least until after I get a round of feedback.

So for today’s prompt, because I’m starting fresh, let’s look at ideas. I need something to write. I have a couple ideas, but need to flesh out the ‘aboutness’ of both. Think about what you want to say with your story–theme, premise, aboutness–how ever you want to term it, spend some time thinking about that. How will your scenes portray that premise? Is it something your main character must learn in order to achieve a goal? Something they need to overcome?

Feel free to post your premise in the comments. Maybe we can spark off one another and deepen original ideas in to something even richer.


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