Posted by: victanguera | February 3, 2010

Writing Prompt #133

Okay, a quick prompt before I head off to spend the next two hours in a dentist’s chair.

On Saturday, I got a cat. That makes me think about our protagonists and their pets. Are they the kind of person to own one? If so, would they own a cat or a dog? Both? Cats and dogs are very different in temperament, so what appeals to them about the type of pet they own? And when the head off to save the world, who looks after their pet?



  1. Cats are free range. Enough said!

    • Free range = independent? A trait I rather like.

  2. Having lost a couple of cats to cars, that is not necessarily the best trait. Which gives me two scenarios:

    1) Character leaves cat with neighbour, who lets it out. Cat gets run over, Character returns from Saving The World(tm, patent pending). The neighbours reaction — do they try and buy a new cat? Resurrect the cat through alliances with dark powers Character fought? — would be interesting to play out, for laughs or otherwise.

    2) Character lets cat go free range, returns home to find their pet is dead. “I have Saved The World(tm, still), but at what cost?!” is a bit overkill, but it would definitely throw them for a loop.

    • See where alcar’s mind went: free range = dead. Yep. :}

      I think I’d go with the first option. The irony that the neighbours try to resurrect the cat by calling upon the forces he fought–can’t pass that up.

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