Posted by: victanguera | January 20, 2010

Holy Shit (Or Why to Do Your Edits on Hard Copy)

Walking home from work yesterday, I lost my flash drive. I hoped it fell out of my pocket in the bathroom at work, but no such luck.

That means I’ve lost a fair bit of work. Thankfully, not as much as it could be. You see, I’ve done the bulk of my re-writes by hand, then transposed those changes to a document on the computer. Most of the changes not on the current document on my computer can be re-entered.

I work on hard copy as I edit as I find it easier to spot things like typos and strange word choices. Now I’m glad I work that way.

The part is that prior to yesterday, I had only fifteen pages left to re-write. Today–not so much.



  1. Don’t start rewriting yet!

    I found your flash drive on the street downtown yesterday. Word showed your name as the author of the documents, so I googled you and found your twitter. Lucky you! I’d be glad to return the drive to you. Just send me an e-mail.


    • e-mail is jwleddy AT by the way

    • Thank you! I can’t even begin to express how much that means to me. Now I’m back to the last fifteen pages instead of seventy. I’m so grateful.

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