Posted by: victanguera | January 19, 2010

Writing Prompt #128

On moonrat’s blog today, she has a quiz to discover personality types of her readers. I’ve done the Myers-Briggs personality test about six times and always wind up with the same result.

I find these quizzes fascinating. In developing a character, I wonder if we always think through all the facets of how a person would behave in any given situation. We all have our own personal way of thinking, and I wonder if our own belief system inadvertently creeps in to the characters we create.

So for today’s prompt, take the test (for your character). Think of how your character might behave in any given situation. There are two links provided at the top of the page for a full description of the character. TypeLogic and list of each of the personality types. If you prefer, you can start from there rather than taking the quiz, but I think it is more interesting if we have to think about how our character reacts in different situations. Maybe also, our character isn’t the personality type we think.

Print out the page. As you develop a character, think about how their inherent personality affects how they behave. Make sure it is consistent with their own personality type.

Ooh, now how challenging is that?


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