Posted by: victanguera | January 15, 2010

Writing Prompt #126

When I first started writing, I’d delete pieces of writing that didn’t work. Gone forever. A published writer friend suggested a number of years ago that I create a file and dump all discarded bits in there. She said suggested that at a later point, a germ of an idea that didn’t work in a present piece might bloom into something else.

So I did what she suggested and created a file. I labeled it ‘cut pieces’ and now throw everything I’ve delete from a WIP in to the file. Poking through the file recently to find a bit that I wanted to use again, I came across this:

“I gave you virtually free reign, and you haven’t done anything I asked of you. Is it such a hard task that you aren’t capable of completing it?”

I know what this refers to, but it’s just ambiguous enough for a writing prompt. Go, create and be fruitful. Or something.


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