Posted by: victanguera | January 7, 2010

Writing Prompt #120

Gothic novels thrive on mood. Settings are lush and exotic, helping to set the stage. Into that, add a place (such as a house with a brooding temperament) as a character in its own right.

Okay, I love atmosphere in both fiction and movies. I love movies like Sleepy Hollow and Sherlock Holmes, as much for the setting and how the director creates an intense mood with tricks such as lighting and camera angles.

I love noir fiction because writers such as Raymond Chandler use their voice to create images.

For today’s writing prompt, I’d like to focus on mood or atmosphere. How much is enough? What is too much? Think of how voice can create mood. We can’t visually show a writer something via a camera angle, so how can we use our words to create that same effect?


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