Posted by: victanguera | December 18, 2009

Writing Prompt #115

One of the people in my writing group started posting random snippets of ideas for his Facebook updates. Most are very bizzare and dark like this one:

When you cut yourself, the cuts begin to speak to you. You don’t understand them yet, but if you make a deep enough cut they won’t have to mumble anymore….

But this one might make an interesting prompt:

Every day, one thing you say or think will become true, and change the world to fit that truth. You have no idea which thought it will be.

Or maybe this:

It was a dark and stormy night and Elsie ran through the woods, the wild hunt following after her. Only it had moved with the times, like all the great stories, or she’d contracted food poisoning from the pizza because the wild hunt closed the gap and she looked over her shoulder (not able to help herself) and saw them…

So for today’s prompt, see if you can make something of one of these ideas. Another person in our group used an idea and wrote an entire novel from it. Albeit a NaNo, but still…


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