Posted by: victanguera | November 24, 2009

Writing Prompt #101

I had the hardest time producing any words yesterday for NaNo. I stared at my computer screen until well past nine last night. I managed 1,700 words, but it took me until just after midnight. I’m at a place that I’m not sure how things should go. Because I’m re-writing an earlier NaNo, I’m at the climax now. Here’s the thing. It could go two ways, possibly even more. I agonize because I’m actually not positive which is the correct ending.

I’ve come up with a possible solution (and it’s great for word count). I tag the document with the date and write Scenario # ___, and enter the number for that attempt. And I write the way it could go if this is what happens in a certain scene. It works. I’ve come up with more than one way of things playing out, and a firmer grasp on the outcome.

So for today’s prompt, think of a scenario, either for a work in progress or a new piece of writing. Write out more than one possible outcome for either scenario. Label them if it makes it easier. See where exploring different possibilities takes you. You never know where that exploration might lead–possibly somewhere exciting.


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