Posted by: victanguera | November 20, 2009

Writing Prompt #99

One of the girls in my crit group is also doing NaNo, and from what I could tell, going along at a mighty clip. Her word count is close to 40,000 already. But she sent an email to all of us yesterday saying she’s almost run out of plot.

So I suggested her main character’s mother come to visit. Think of the potential for conflict. Think of all those things the mother knows that your m/c wants to keep safely buried in the past.

That’s your prompt for today. Have a person from your character’s past drop in at the worst possible moment. What happens if they blurt out something best left unknown? Ooh, conflict. Rubs hands.



  1. Hmm, good one. Though it could give mothers a bad name! Or an ex showing up at the wrong time! How’s this (it’s true)?

    I had been divorced for over a year when I got involved with someone new for the very first time. We were walking in the park when out of the blue my ex walks by with our dog he stole from the back of my car.

    I haven’t seen or heard from this man for over a year! Why does he have to show up now?

    He says hello and walks on by. ‘Who’s that?’ my new love asks. I am not looking forward to this conversation at all….

    • Ooh, how awkward. And he stole your dog? I almost suggested having an ex show up, even though an ex is one of the major characters in my novel. It could be anyone from your character’s past.

  2. Yeah, he stole the dog. Another story and not one with a happy ending and his happiness was short lived as the dog got hit by a bus. 😦

    Even more awkward as for about a month I kept coming across this person. How weird was that? True life makes for good stories! Live and learn! Ha!

    • That’s so sad. Yes, truth is so strange. Gives us great ideas for our stories, though.

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