Posted by: victanguera | November 3, 2009


I’d love to say it’s futile, but that hasn’t proved true so far. When I first started doing revisions on my WIP, I thought of moving a scene near the end of the book to the middle. I thought through all the implications and knew I had to do it. I started at the beginning with that goal in mind, deleting scenes and strengthening characters. And hit a wall.

Went back to the beginning. Started again. This time, I deleted a major character and an entire plot thread (one that seemed like the premise of the book but wasn’t). Hit the same wall.

Went back to the beginning. You see the trend, right? So I forced myself to read it start to finish and make notes on credibility (or verisimilitude if you want to call it that). Came to the same conclusion I had the first time. Started again, but only so I could plow through that middle section, sticking the end in the middle where it belonged.

And capow. Same wall. I diddled around with one scene for a month. Along came NaNo. Wrote another scene leading up to that necessary move. Diddled some more. And last night, I finally realized why I’m resisting moving that scene. It is presently part of the climax. I can’t help but wonder if I will kill the book at a mere 45,000 words by moving that scene where it belongs.

But last night, I reminded myself I have a hard copy and can always move things back if it doesn’t work the way I think. And that’s what this year’s NaNo is for. If the end becomes the middle, I have a hell of a lot more book to write.


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