Posted by: victanguera | November 2, 2009

Writing Prompt #88

By now we have all survived the first day of NaNo. I managed 1,719 words, although I had to keep checking because it didn’t seem like I’d actually written that many. Yipee, over word count for the first day, plus as an added bonus, I now have included a certain necessary plot element.

I considered making today’s prompt something for NaNo, but everyone has a different idea percolating through their head. I find the forum of dares on the NaNo site very intriguing, but personally don’t want my plot to degenerate into buffoonery, and it seems like a dare would encourage that (at least for me).

So for today’s prompt, here is a sentence–’cause you know how much I like random sentences. You can use this in your NaNo if you feel so inclined.

Now–might I trouble you for and explanation of the inner works.


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