Posted by: victanguera | November 1, 2009

Crap Quotient

I’ve decided to sort of participate in NaNo, or at least to participate on my own terms. I have one WIP that made it all the way through the first draft. I’m stalled at about the half-way point in re-writes. It needs major revisions for the second half. And I have last year’s NaNo. This has a concept I really like, but I haven’t thought about it or looked at it since last year. Two failed projects. In my mind, they are both crappy.

This morning, laying in bed trying to convince my body that the time had changed and I could actually get another hour’s sleep (honest), I considered something I’d been told once on an Art Quilt forum. A very skilled artist talked about the “crap quotient”, that undefined amount of unmitigated drivel we create when we are learning. This includes finding our own voice as an artist, knowing what we like and why, how to translate what we like from a concept to the reality. And it means knowing when we see (or read it)–trusting ourselves to have grown beyond crap.

NaNo allows every aspiring writer the freedom to create their portion of the crap quotient. It allows us to explore our voice, discover what we like and why. And maybe even produce a little bit of what we like ourselves.

So for this year’s NaNo, I’m going to delete the second half of the current WIP and completely re-write it (because that’s what is necessary to make it work). If that doesn’t give me 50,000 words, I’ve got one brilliant scene from last year’s NaNo that could make a great starting point for the story that should have been. Those other two ideas? They can go in my idea file and can become crap at a later point in time. When I finish what I’m working on.


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