Posted by: victanguera | October 27, 2009

Writing Prompt #84

Hopefully by now, the beginning of the book you want to write is taking shape. Now comes the middle. This is the bit where everything goes wrong. That much I did get right when I did NaNo the first time. I kept sticking Tavi in a tree and throwing rocks at her to see if she’d put on her big girl panties and actually survive. She surprised me and did. Hum. I even had the right idea–Tavi said at one point “We have to make a plan.” Except she didn’t tell anyone what that meant, not even me.

So for today’s prompt, what is your main characters plan for achieving their goal. I’m also thinking it’s important at this stage to remember their inner and outer goal, and that they might conflict. Would they have two plans, one for achieving the goal they claim they want and a subconscious one for their internal goal? How would could you show that? The plan will also most likely be something that takes minimal effort from the protagonist (you know, hoping it will all go away or be achieved if they just ignore it–another line I discovered in my cut file).


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