Posted by: victanguera | October 15, 2009

Exercise #75

Theme. I can’t say I had one in my first NaNo, at least not consciously, and certainly not in the one I attempted last year. Of course, I didn’t have a plot either. This year, I’d like to approach things differently and see if I have more success. And I’ll measure success by the amount of hair I wind up pulling out as I work on revisions.

A. Here is a potential theme for the steampunk idea: When Emma, once the crowning jewel in Queen Victoria’s court, is rebuilt as a cyborg, she must find her place in a society that views uncommon people as a possessions only fit to be stuck behind a curio cabinet and stared at.

B. Here is a potential theme for the magical realism idea: In a world of shifting reality, Manuel discovers the secrets of his new wife could be enough to kill them both. Or alternately: Tricia discovers that keeping secrets can kill you–and the people you love.


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