Posted by: victanguera | October 9, 2009

Exercise #72

All I wanted was a bouquet of flowers, not a lecture. As the woman wrapped lilies into tissue paper, she warned me about the perils of online dating.

“It can be very hazardous, you know.” She paused, mid-motion to stare at me. “You know who this girl is, right?”

“About as well as I know you.”

Her lips pursed, herovements jerky as she yanked the last of the ribbon tight around the bundle. She held it out to me, and I paused before accepting it.

“What do you think about adding a yellow rose,” I asked.

“I wouldn’t do it. Not for a first date, and certainly not for a girl you hardly know.” She shook her head. “Don’t know. I’m telling you, you’re only asking for trouble.”

“One yellow rose then. Please.”

She didn’t look very happy, but she added it anyways.

I met Katrina in the coffee shop as agreed. She looked even more beautiful in person. She smiled when she saw me, waved hesitantly, as if not quite sure that matched my photo. But her face crumbled into a look of horror when she spotted the flowers.

“I’m sorry,” she said. She stood so quickly, her chair sailed backward, clanging against the wall behind her. “I can’t take those.”

I thought she was afraid the gesture was too presumptuous, and reassured her, holding them for her. I didn’t expect her to collapse.


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