Posted by: victanguera | October 7, 2009

Writing Prompt #71

What is holding you back from writing lately? For me, it was the recent critique of a piece I’d already published on my blog. One person told tell me that they “didn’t buy it”.

There goes any chance at a publishing career, I thought. Agents Google prospective writers. They’ll read that piece and say: “Full of plot holes. The premise doesn’t work. And she put this crap on her blog. I wouldn’t buy it”. Ooh, the humiliation.

Enter writer’s block. But part of the purpose of the prompts was to foster creativity. In all its forms, raw or otherwise. Not everything we produce will be stellar every time. Sometimes we will even try to submit those unbelievable stories to an agent. And they buy them and they eventually get published (not mine yet, but I’ve heard it happens).

Think about this in context of a main character. Complex internal goals give a character depth. What internal problem/thought keeps them from achieving a goal? Fear of failure, or maybe success? The colour yellow? Public humiliation?

Okay, I’m off to create yet another unbelievable scene in my WIP. And I’ll post something later today for all my readers to laugh at, because you know your allowed~~but if you ever enjoy something, please click the little thumbs up. Then I’ll know at least one person bought it.


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