Posted by: victanguera | October 2, 2009

Writing Prompt #70

I’ve spent plenty of time lately thinking about character motivation. If you make a list of the books you love, it’s because the main character behaves in a believable way. We think of them as real people. Understanding why our characters behave in a certain way gives them depth.

In my current WIP, I have a secondary character that changes sides. My crit partner made the following suggestion:

i’d love to see Trog hiding… i mean in a fight, he’d be awesome, but if he’s terrified of being discovered, Tavi and her entourage could go into a fight planning on relying on him and get a nasty surprise when he disappears/hides…

but i like stuff like that 🙂 hard repercussions and when people you think will back you up, disappear on you… it feels more real to me 🙂
Yeah, that works. Very much. After all, internal conflicts for our characters are the most important thing. And internal conflict of a secondary character that has such devastating repercussions for the main character… now that I love.
So here is your task for today’s prompt. Figure out the motivation for a secondary character (either in new writing or a WIP) and how that affects your main character. Make it intense. Life threatening even.

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