Posted by: victanguera | September 30, 2009

Exercise #68

I should have known the supernatural creature would still be there. I poked at the ribs swooping up through the tall grass like the wings of some great celestial beast. The creature residing within squawked, beating up at my face, and I toppled quite unceremoniously on to my ass.

“Shit, would you not do that, Keles,” I said.

“Sorry.” He reached down, wing bones extended in an attempt at humanity. It wouldn’t work. Wings can never look like fingers. Ignoring his proffered extremity, I stood up and brushed dirt off my bum.

“How long have you been in there.” I looked at the ribs, mostly covered by the long, dry grass. It swished against my legs with the sound of a thousand voices.

“I’m not really sure. You know how time drifts for me.”

“Yeah. At least your awake now. Are you up for an adventure?” Pulling the out a letter I’d received in the morning post, I passed it across to him. He grasped it between feathery digits and scanned the contents, brow furrowing the more he read.

“This isn’t so much an adventure as a death wish,” Keles said. Exactly the kind of thing we specialized in.


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