Posted by: victanguera | September 25, 2009

Writing Prompt #66

The words aren’t on speaking terms with me right now. They are in there. I start to add them to the paper, they turn their back on me and sit in a corner and sulk. I’m trying to force words into a situation where they don’t belong. Or maybe belong, but not quite in that way. But because they are sulking, I don’t know how to make them work. Storming around and ranting only makes them sullen and even more reserved. So I’m going to take a walk, give them some space to cool down. And I’ll bring them back some chocolates and maybe a certificate to the spa. Ooh, a back massage to loosen all those tense writing muscles.

With the prompts, I’m learning that if I’m blocked, nothing works, but if I give myself the basis of a character or conflict to mull over, I get the best results.

So for today’s prompt create a scene where a group of family members decide to commit another family member to a mental institution. The only problem is, (s)he’s perfectly sane.


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