Posted by: victanguera | September 18, 2009

Weekend Silence

Okay, it took me three days to get something up for that last prompt–and several nights lost sleep as ideas ricocheted around in my head. Oh, the noise.

I discovered something though. By the time I finished, I realized this might be a valid way to plot (or at least plot the first half of your novel). This also gets me wondering about query letters. As I wrote it, it seems like the things necessary are a bit of back-story, the inciting incident, and the hook needed to keep someone reading.

The next two days are hectic with my daughter’s wedding tomorrow. On Sunday, I’ll have to read the next set of writing for my crit group on Tuesday (hate leaving things to the last minute, but haven’t had any other time this week), so there won’t be a new prompt until Monday.

Talk amongst yourself. Play nice and remember to clean up after yourself before you leave.


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