Posted by: victanguera | September 17, 2009

What a Woman (Doesn’t) Want

Working for a magazine, I receive my quota of junk mail. I’m never sure why anyone perusing the net harvesting the internet looking for people to spam with their products think a parenting magazine needs to know about their crap.

In this morning quota of junk, an email headed “What a Woman Wants” arrived. This one contained shoes. Anyone who knows me even a little, knows I have an amazing shoe collection (and quite the obsession with stilettos).

But these shoes–um, no. Just no.

You Want me to Wear <i>That</>?

You Want me to Wear That?

Sorry, those aren’t worth wearing. And they prove my point that there are no sexy, good looking boots with a low heel. Now I’m going to need some serious stiletto therapy to recover. Good thing I have tango tomorrow and at least fifteen pairs to choose from.

N.B.To make the blog title grammatically correct, there should be an ‘s’ on the end of want, but what can you do?


  1. Oh my God!!!!! These are hideous. My comfy beautiful boots are a pair of Tony Lama black cowboy boots with white stiching. To be worn under jeans, the way cowboys intended. (bought in NYC) I also have a pair of tight stretch leather (black) kitten heel boots from LK Bennett, very sexy and comfy. (from the UK) Will that do?

    • Ooh, kitten heels definitely qualify as sexy. I have a pair with tiny faeries embossed on the ankles. Very sexy indeed.

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