Posted by: victanguera | September 15, 2009

Floundering About

Subtitle: What a Woman Wants.

See, that’s the problem. I have no idea what my main character wants. Somewhere by the end of a story (preferably somewhere near the first line of the story), that should be clear. The whole plot should be about the loss/inability to obtain that desire. That makes sense to me.

And in the middle, attack them with zombies.

As I work on yet another set of revisions, I can’t see it anywhere. I’ve looked under all the words. Made notes to myself. Thrown out options. Literally. My cut file contains as many words as my WIP. And still no clue.

Unless you take the phrase “leave me alone” as her desire. And I can only stand so much whining before I want to send the zombies after her myself.



  1. This made me laugh! The title could be ‘Everything’ and then you wouldn’t have to worry so much and then do sequels. You could start with clothes and finding the right pair of jeans that makes her butt look good. Or the perfect man (another woman).

    Sorry, didn’t mean to be so flippant, but you have to admit it is rather funny and open to all sorts of suggestions.

    Seriously, you could make it as a list and then add why or how it would or would not be possible to achieve the desired object.

    • Or it could be titled “This, That and the Other Thing”. Some days my main character seems just that scattered. When I try to save passages, I tend to forget what I’m trying to say and get bogged down in the re-writing. Things are finally starting to come together. If I can get past this saggy middle, I might actually succeed in this. Then the beta readers can laugh at it and let me know about all the holes I thought I plugged, but actually missed seeing.

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