Posted by: victanguera | September 11, 2009

Exercise #61

To prove I at least thought about yesterday’s prompt (even though I haven’t finished writing anything), here are my thoughts on how the words could go together.

Obvious thought is that someone affectionate toward the tailor (who would that be?) decontaminates him with citrus. So why/how is he contaminated in the first place?

What if the tailor used too much citrus–like patchouli gone wrong? Where does the decontamination come in?

What if the tailor had to decontaminate the citrus? He must feel some affection for it to go to such lengths. What happens to the citrus in the first place to contaminate it? Why would he feel affection for a citrus? Lemon? Orange? A plant is the obvious answer–let’s try to stay away from obvious.

Ooh, so the guy isn’t a tailor, but tailor’s something (stellar) and he drops his orange into a vat of something (else). Where does the affection come in? Co-worker helping with his stellar scientific project?

And here is a beginning:

Gareth watched as his orange spiraled out of his grasp, landing with a plop in the vat of binary liquid. He’d have to decontaminate it, or the citrus from the orange would destroy his experiment. Completely. Hundreds of testing hours gone in one clumsy slip of the fingers.


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