Posted by: victanguera | September 9, 2009

Writing Prompt #60

Yesterday during my writer’s group, we started talking about other mythologies. One person mentioned an Asian spirit that steals memories to help people settle properly in the afterlife. Of course a google search didn’t result in anything, concrete. Cool, that means I get to make this one up all on my own.

(edited to add, my crit partner sent me a link to the manga series called the Memory Eaters:

So here is the prompt, your protagonist has the job of taking memories from people that die in order for them to rest properly in death (and not come back to haunt the living, because that would be bad), but they’ve developed a bit of a taste for the thoughts and memories of others. Ooh, would that make them the antagonist, out there creating dementia and Alzheimer’s? Guess I’ll leave that one up to you.


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